Through Arts We Rise

Alketa Xhafa Mripa founded and established Justice Through Arts with the goal of socially engaging creative people through Arts in raising awareness and support towards human rights issues and community values.

Their first project called Through Arts We Rise drew attention to the reality of homelessness in the UK. With this project the artist wanted to make homelessness visible and inspire reflection on the individual experience of rough sleepers.

In May 2020, in collaboration with different artists and the contribution of the community, Xhafa Mripa produced two murals in West Hampstead, London. 


The murals, based in West Hampstead bridge, are a collaboration between Alketa Xhafa Mripa (JtA) with artists Zabou and Ben Eine, and photographers Lee Jeffries and Leah DenBok.


The project also pays tribute to a member of community in West Hampstead John Henderson and his dog Sugar. John had his spot on the same bridge and sadly passed away in May 2019.