Baby Doll On/Off


Baby Doll On/ Off (2007) Photographs, C-Print 175 cm x 100 cm

The Albanian woman is an anonymous object for usage. She is reduced to an eye-catching erotic doll; a Baby Doll who obtains energy from an outside source.

By covering the head and arm of the model, Baby Doll symbolizes the anonymity of her ‘sin’. She covers her breasts (a gesture that represents a phony embarrassment), and wears sporty red shorts with the stamp of an Albanian Eagle (a stamp of superior ideology of af liation). The model is a projection of men as well, and the way a woman should be: she should not have her own self or personality; she should pretend to be subversive and disgraceful; she must always carry with her the patriotic stamp of af liation. With this diptych, Xhafa-Mripa signals an alarm, playing with the dominant image of a woman as an attractive object for the gaze of men, and the assumed continuity in its presentation for men and their sophisticated tools.