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October - Secondary Archive 

July - Manifesta 14



Author: P.L Henderson 


June - BBC Greater Londoner Instagram Stand: 

March - Our Bodies Their Battlefield: What War Does to Women by Christina Lamb


March - Al Jazeera, AJShorts: Kosovo's Refugee Artist

March - Artpolis, Panel discussion: “Art as a protest against oppression”

June - Tate, A Walk Through Tate Modern on the Theme of Migration, Ishi's Light 2003 Anish Kapoor

June - Reclamation 99, Alketa Xhafa Mripa, Conecptual Artist // Activist

July - Shado magazine, Global Womxnhood, Artist profile

August - O Gocë magazine, Speaking Arts Language – Alketa Xhafa Mripa​

October - UN Women Kosovo, GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable; International Girl Child Day, STAMP IT! #YouAreNeverTooYoung

February - British Council / The National Gallery of Kosovo, Pristina: Burrneshat

October - Europe House, A wonderful inspirational talk with Alketa Xhafa Mripa


October - European Parliament, Artist Speech on the Power of Art as a way to tackle sexual violence during the war

October - Albfem, Alketa Xhafa-Mripa becomes the voice of sexual violence victims during that war in the European Parliament

August - The Guardian, 'I didn't want this to be a taboo", The Fight for Kosovan Women raped during the war. 

May - Dissident, Redeeming history from the dungeons of the past: an interview with Alketa Xhafa Mripa


June - York Press, Fancy a brew? Passers-by sit down for tea with a refugee

June - Side Story, Artist and refugee: Alketa Xhafa Mripa, an interview

May - Women's Activist Museum, Alketa Xhafa Mripa 

February 22 - Fad Magazine, Who Are We?

January 13 - Peirene Press, Reflections on Paper

February 1- Sophia Belgium Gender Studies, International Cultural Responses to Wartime Rape: Ethical Questions and Critical Challenges


October- Art Monthly 40th Anniversary Issue, Solidarity, Refugees Welcome

September 15 - The Huffington Post, Join Me in My Truck for a Conversation about Refugees

September 15 - The Double Negative, Britain Symbolises the Hope and the Welcome

August 4-  News Deeply, Path to Justice for Survivors of Kosovo’s Sexual Violence

June 18 - The Huffington Post, A Galvanizing Moment for Women's Rights

June 16 - BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour, Sexual violence in conflict and what can be done to help survivors, Angelina Jolie, Helen Durham from the ICRC and Artist Alketa Xhafa Mripa, Duration:14:36

June 24 - Ian Visits, Moving Stories: A Refugee Week Special Event

April 11- Women's Foreign Policy Group, ART AND ACTIVISM:
Speaking out on Sexual Violence during the War in Kosovo

March - London School of Economics and Political Science Department of Government, Confronting War Time Rape: The Power of Art in Kosovo


July 10 - UN Women, Dressing Up a Soccer Stadium for Survivors in Kosovo

July 1 - Open Democracy, Wartime rape is no longer kept under wraps in Kosovo

June 28 - Shanghai Daily, Raising Awareness of Wartime Sexual Violence

June 20 - Art Parasites, Empathy: How to embrace turning into your parents, according to conceptual artist Alketa Xhafa Mripa

June 19 - Al Jazeera, If Dresses Could Speak

June 19 - Prishtina Insight, Wartime Rape: Kosovo's Enduring Tragedy

June 14 - Mashable, Dirty Laundry No more: Victims of Sexual Assault Get a New Symbol at Kosovo Art Exhibit

June 14- Colombia Daily Tribune, Kosovo art installation of dresses supports war rape victims

June 13 - Pink Blog Italia, Violenza Sulle Donne

June 12 - El Pais, 5.000 vestidos y faldas para denunciar las violaciones en la guerra de Kosovo 

June 12 - The Washington Times, Kosovo art installation supports war rape victims

June 12 - U.S. News and World Report, Kosovo art installation hangs 5,000 dresses on clotheslines to support war rape victims

June 12 - United Nations Mission in Kosovo, Thousands of skirts hung in Pristina Stadium pay tribute to the survivors of sexual violence

June 12 - Daily Mail, Kosovo art installation of dresses supports war rape victims

June 12 - Yahoo News!, Dresses line pitch of Kosovo stadium to condemn war rapes

June 12 - Associated Press, Kosovo art installation of dresses supports war rape victims

June 12 - Times Free Press, Kosovo art installation of dresses supports war rape victims

June 12 - CNS News, Kosovo art installation of dresses supports war rape victims

June 12 - Euro News, Kosovo Exhibition of Dresses and Skirts in Prishtina to Remember Women who Suffered Sexual Violence in Wartime

June  12 - New York Times, On the Line: 5,000 Dresses Transform Soccer Stadium in Kosovo Into a Venue for Addressing Wartime Rape

June 12 - Femmes Ent Noir Mon Brison, Des Robes Sur Des Cordes a Linge Rendent Hommage Aux Survivantes De La Violence Sexuelle au Kosovo

June 12 -  Reuters, Stadium of Skirts Targets Stigma Attached to Victims of Wartime Rape

June 12 -  Reuters, Editors Choice

June 12 - Daily Mail, Dresses donated by Rita Ora hang among 5,000 outfits pegged to washing lines for a powerful art exhibition in her home country of Kosovo condemning rape of women during the Balkan War 

June 12- Voice of America, Kosovo Art Installation of Dresses Supports War Rape Victims

June 11 - Quartz, 5,000 dresses in a soccer stadium help Kosovo talk about wartime rape

June 11 - The Guardian, Dresses on Washing Lines Pay Tribute to Kosovo Survivors of Sexual Violence

June 11 - Kosovo 2.0, A Collective Healing Among Skirts

June 11 - BT News, Why are thousands of skirts being hung across a Kosovo football pitch?



February 9 - Cunterview, Belgrade: Exhibition 'EXCEPTION' forced to close before opening.

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