In The Name of The Father

"In the Name of the Father" (2015), Film, 7 min, London, UK. 

"In the Name of the Father" (2015), Photograph, London, UK. 

Washing and bathing frequently feature as a long-established symbol of puri cation and cleansing, through religious and ritual practice. Bathing often features as part of a rite of passage, used to denote transitions. In Kosovo, the bodies of the dead are washed by family members before burial.

Here, Xhafa-Mripa establishes a new tradition and washes her father while he is alive as a representation of appreciating life while it is still with you, and not waiting until someone is gone. She poignantly explores the shifting of family roles, as she washes the fragile body of her 82-year-old father. The other works in the exhibition celebrate the artist’s role as a mother, and the joys and strength drawn from nurturing the young, but with this piece Xhafa- Mripa suggests that it is only from being nurtured that we become nurturing. Xhafa- Mripa had both the permission and blessing of her father to lm this intimate piece.