Britain Is Still Speaking 

I arrived in the UK in 1997 from Kosova.
I was so fortunate to have come to this country at a time when it was so welcoming to refugees like myself.
It is incredibly difficult for anyone to leave the comfort of their own home, not by choice, but through desperation and a need for survival.
It has been heart breaking watching recent events unfold with the current migrant crisis across Europe...and for that reason, it has been profoundly difficult to see the stark contracts in attitudes of Britons towards outsiders in this present day...
Traveling with my Art Installation ‘Refugees Welcome’ truck across the UK last year, I invited the public to come and have a ‘Tea With a Refugee’ inside the truck. 
This space, provided by the Installation, initiated and inspired a conversation that was and is much needed on the topic.
It created a safe platform for British society and to all who feel at home in the UK, to share their thoughts on the solidarity and welcome of the British People towards refugees, despite what the media might otherwise say. 
This notebook captures the thoughts, feelings and words of these people, post Brexit...where even to this day ‘Britain is Still Speaking’ ...

Directed & Produced by Roberto Duque 

Premiered at the Victoria and Albert Museum on the 22nd of June 2018 for Refugee Week.

Voiced by  Zena Edwards @zena_e_poetics

Performed by Rachel Elderkin @rachel_elderkin , Lydia MacKenzie, Kassi Jameson, Thomas Higginson @thomashigginson William John Banks @willdancefash